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In observance of President’s Day, our offices will be closed on Monday, February 15th 2016.

Southwest Bank Mortgage Warehouse Lending

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Southwest Bank's Mortgage program is designed specifically for emerging correspondent lenders. We have what it takes to make your job easier—superior service and some of the best possible terms.


  • Facility multiples of up to 20x liquid net worth
  • Personal liquidity of guarantors added to company liquidity to determine maximum facility size
  • Facility interest rate equals mortgage note rate
  • Competitive transaction fees
  • Application deposit refundable if either declined or if your company goes active with Southwest Bank
  • No additional fees for shipping, wiring, or even renewal
  • Funding system accepts Fannie Mae 3.2 formatted data and scanned images of files for speedy responses and on-time wires
  • Choose your own fulfillment provider from bank-approved list


  • Loans should be pre-approved by the permanent investor
  • Third Party Fulfillment to be used for funding and delivery of loan files
  • Minimum $300,000 Fidelity Bond and Errors & Omissions Coverage

Best of all, note rate pricing plus a flat transaction fee means you can control your warehouse cost before funding. The freedom to choose your own fulfillment provider means you can control your quality of service always.

Contact:  Jason Gillespie
Contact:  Simeon Knight

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